Rap Mixtapes - Your Best Bet 

Rap mixtapes really are a fantastic method to hear new rap songs inside a different light. From traditional hiphop legends to upcoming new rappers, it is simple to download these tracks for free! Here’s where one can grab the freshest rap mixtapes online… DatPiff. One of the largest providers of mixtapes online, DatPiff was considered by a lot of to become the origin for mixtapes and freestyle, although their quality and tech support appears to have dropped off recently. However, this website still remains…Read more

Free Beats - How To Use Them To Make Money 

Every beat maker would like to eventually sell their beats and make money from them. The sad thing is the fact that most producers online only get shadowed out from the major beat sellers online. The greatest issue is that there are plenty of beat makers available that it could be difficult to get noticed sometimes. Being a fix for your problem, producers have started offering free beats in an effort to get people's attention and also have those individuals come visit their website to download the free…Read more

Why Hot Beats Are Important 

A "hot" beat is definitely an instrumental or musical composition that is dependent upon the artist to become commercially marketable or desirable by his/her fan base or even to him/herself. This kind of instrumental usually inspires some kind of feeling or emotion from your recording artist. This emotion might be excitement, sadness, anger, depression,etc. Hot Beats & Record Sales These kinds of instrumentals also play an important role in album sales for recording artists. Having good beats with an album…Read more

How To Impress An A&R With The Right Beat Selection 

I had a couple of friends come to me asking about free beats and what type of beats they should be using. My best advice to any artist out there is to first know your style and where you fit in the game with your talents. If you excel at making hot trap records and you kill the track every time my advice would be to stick with it! Seems easy right? Especially with all the free beats or cheap beats out there today. Well here's the catch. A&R's get tons of tracks daily from artist that aspire to be the next…Read more